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Small Shop Stories


How do You Use Our Shims and Gaskets? Download the PDF One of the most exciting parts about working at Artus is seeing the vast variety of needs for shims and gaskets. Many other shim and gasket manufacturers specialize in a specific industry. Artus, on the other...
The State of Artus After 1 Million+ Orders


How Artus Made it to One Million Download The PDF As you know, shims and gaskets are not large or complex. They are almost never more than two millimeters in thickness and have no moving parts. But they are crucial to the performance and longevity of machinery. Shims...
The Most Notable Clients We Served


Since 1941, The Artus Corporation has completed over one million projects for over twenty thousand customers. We are proud of the vast array of clients we have served. It comes with being a shim and gasket manufacturer; the applications are nearly endless. Our...
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